Chip W.

It was the best day ever of soccer for us. Cade’s experience with karate has really paid off in soccer; he is so self-aware of his body, he moves with precision, and in a clutch moment, he can always come through. I attribute much of this ability to what you have taught him; the confidence, the discipline, the coordination and self-awareness, so… thank you so much!

Dan V.

Recently my daughter played Juliet in her 3rd grade Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet performances. She had to memorize 28 stanzas and then perform them, from memory, in front of both parents and the entire lower school. She did great and really seemed to have a good time. I attribute her comfort in front of people, her ability to focus and memorize complex sequences, her calm demeanor and joy of performance to her 4 years of experience taking karate at PKA. Thank you Jun Shihan Karen!