Holiday Sale – November 13 & 14, 2-9pm

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and I’m sure you are asking yourself: what karate-related items and gifts can I get for my karate student or myself? Fret not, because we have you covered.

On November 13 & 14, from 2:00pm to 9:00pm at Towson Merritt, we will be holding our Holiday Sale. This is a perfect opportunity to pick-up gifts, much needed replacement gear and apparel and other great items.

We will be accepting pre-orders before the Holiday Sale – we’ll have a list of available sale items soon.

Here are some suggestions of gear for your karate student and yourself that will be available during the sale:

Introduction to Karate Gift Box set*:
If you or a friend have been thinking of trying karate, this is the package for you.


  • A uniform
  • 1 Month of classes at either location
  • Focus pad
  • Sale Price: $40 – List: $147

* For new students only


  • PKA apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts): We will have a new limited-edition sweatshirt. Show your pride in the school and wear your PKA gear proudly.
  • Focus pads/bag gloves: Help your student with their striking practice with a focus pad and bag gloves that will keep you and your student safe.
  • Kaicho’s books: Learn about the founder of Seido, Kaicho Nakamura, and the school he founded. Also pick up a book on karate techniques and basics for your student or yourself.
  • A PKA t-shirt: For summer training, under a gi top in winter and to show support for the school.
  • PKA Gear bags: We will have a new limited-edition embroidered gear bag, PKA drawstring bags, etc. A great way to keep all your gear together and get it to and from classes.
  • A new gi: Kids grow, gis take a beating in class and it’s always good to have a clean gi handy.

Yellow/Advanced Yellow:

  • Sparring gear: As of their next promotion, your student will start sparring. Sparring gear is required, so this is a perfect opportunity to pick up that gear and at a 20% discount during this sale only.

Black Belts:

  • Bo/Jo, weapons cases: As part of the Black Belt syllabus, students work with bos and jos. They must own their own weapons, and a case to carry them is advised.

Come show your support for the school and pick-up some great items for the holidays!

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